Pilgrimages in 2016

Pilgrims Crossing Borders are moving ahead. Our message of tolerance, respect for others, freedom and solidarity is in harmony with the Jubilee of Mercy, and we are celebrating the pilgrim ways with enthusiasm.

Last year we walked from Trondheim to Rome and S. Maria de Leuca in the South of Italy. This year we will continue with shorter walks, but with the cause and spirit of Pilgrims Crossing Borders present. Here’s what’s on the way:

Time span
Contact info
In Germany:
From Gotha to W├╝rzburg
4 - 15 May 2016
Thomas Dahms
E-mail: dahms(at)
In the UK:
From Canterbury to Dover
16 – 17 June 2016
Alberto Alberti
E-mail: ro_albea(at)
In Norway:
From Dovre to Trondheim
29 July - 6 August 2016
Werner Binnen,
E-mail: wernerbinnen(at)
In Italy:
Walks from various points of departure to Rome
April  - October 2016
Arrival and celebration in Rome 9 October
Associazione Via Romea Germanica
E-mail: viaromeagermanica(at) Giovanni Caselli, E-mail: info(at)
From S. Maria di Leuca  to Rome
4 September - 9 October 2016
Alberto Alberti,
E-mail: segreteria(at)
In Palestine/Israel
20 – 29 October
Alberto Alberti
E-mail: ro_albea(at)

Pilgrims Promoting Peace
While pilgrims walk, they bring a hopeful message of international friendship and goodwill. Pilgrims meet people from different cultures, religions, social environments and races, exchanging views and sharing ideas. To them, national frontiers are not dividing barriers between peoples and cultures.

Pilgrimages can be spontaneous expressions of friendship and teamwork, teaching us how to appreciate each other and our diverse cultures. We believe that pilgrimages can inspire peaceful international co-existence.

Our walks in 2015 were dedicated to tolerance, respect for others, freedom and solidarity. Our walks this year will continue to uphold these values, but we are, for obvious reasons including peacebuilding as an ideal in our mission statement. This means that our walks will promote peace and understanding as best we can. Updates from our participants will follow.

You can check our Facebook page and submit relevant info.