A Walk for Diversity & Dialogue

Participants from different faith backgrounds walked together on the pilgrim way from Ranheim kirke to Ringve Museum on 25 August 2018. Our credo is to embrace diversity and give participants better knowledge of each other’s religions, life stances and values.

Ralph Buchmann and Latifa Nasser lead the pilgrims on their way.
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Our goal is to build friendship, engage in dialogue and cross borders, figuratively and literally . We welcome participants from different backgrounds and denominations to walk and talk together.

Our walk this year came to an end at Ringve Music Museum, Norway’s national museum of music and musical instruments. Talented musical guides gave us a guided tour of the museum and a unique mini-concert, a fine finale for our event. Thanks everyone.

The walk was initiated by The Jewish Community (Det jødiske samfunn), One World in Dialogue (En Verden i Dialog), The Council for Religious and Life Stance Communities (Samarbeidsrådet for tros- og livssynssamfunn) and The Pilgrim Confraternity of St. Olav (Pilegrimsfellesskapet St. Olav).

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We mingled with the friendly organizers of Rotvollfestivalen :-)
Michael Momyr and his grandson Selmer
admire our pilgrim's staff

Tove Buchmann from The Jewish Community
gave an inspiring pep talk at the end of the day.

Quote for the Day:
How can there be peace without people understanding each other; and how can this be if they don't know each other?

Nobel Peace Prize laureate 1957