From Rome to Puglia

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In addition to the grand relay from Trondheim to Rome, there will also be an over-lapping pilgrim walk from Rome to Santa Maria de Leuca in South Italy from 24 August until 12 October. This branch of the pilgrim relay is initiated by the Italian pilgrim association Gruppo dei Dodici. So, as the relay baton from Norway is crossing the border between Germany and Austria on 24 August on its way to Rome, a second group will be leaving Rome heading towards Puglia.

The hardy souls who reach S. Maria de Leuca will return to Rome by modern means of transportation (ie not feet) to meet up with the main relay group and attend the festivities in Rome on 15 October 2015.

The walk from Rome to the South of Italy reconstructs and celebrates pilgrim journeys of the past, when pilgrims continued by ship from ports along the coast of the Adriatic Sea to the Holy Land.

The Route South of Rome
Rome – Benevento
24 August – 10 September
Benevento – Monte S. Angelo
12 – 20 September
Monte S. Angelo  – Bari
22 – 28 September
Bari – S. Maria di Leuca
30 September – 11 October

Complete Itinerary
Pilgrims Crossing Borders on the Via Francigena del Sud
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Pilgrims Crossing Borders 2015
Index of itineraries (in Norwegian etappeplaner) from Norway to Italy and the Holy Land.

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North and Central Italy

South Italy

The Holy Land
  • Nazareth – Jerusalem (170 km): Ca 10 days ultimo October 2015.  
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  • Itinerary Group II
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    Please contact Pastor Einar Vegge of 
    Nidaros Diocese for further information regarding the walk in the Holy Land. E-mail: einar.vegge(at)