From Mittenwald to the Brenner Pass

28 August: We made it to the Brenner Pass on the border between Austria and Italy. Pilgrim Kristin Ƙveraas from Norway wrote a poem to celebrate our pilgrimage, published below with permission:

10 000 year old mountains come and go. 
Landscapes and villages come and go.
Thoughts come and go.
Fellow pilgrims come and go.
Sun and shade alter.
New friendships arise.
North-Tyrolean hospitality makes the world a better place.
It was a highly memorable country crossing!
The pilgrim staff goes on. Grab the chance and join it!

Meeting at the Brenner Pass: We have crossed the border between Austria and Italy. The Italian pilgrims will lead the way to Rome. 
27 August: Verbatim testimony from pilgrim Michael: "First class day!  Going uphill is never a bad thing.... Cherishing every root, every heightened emotion and every conversation.  I didn't ask; i just kept moving forward, enjoying the moment."
Michael leads the way toward Pfons/Matrei
26 August: Our Syrian friends joined us and we had a wonderful walk from Reith bei Seefeld to Innsbruck. Our next destination is Pfons/Matrei (27 August).

Pilgrim bliss on the way to Innsbruck
25 August: The Austrian group is on the way to the Brenner Pass. After the exchange of the pilgrim staff in Garmisch Partenkirchen, they walked to Scharnitz where Mayor Isabella Blaha wished them welcome. Saba from Syria prepared a delicious dinner for the pilgrims at the refugees' hostel.  Click to see our photos

Information about the walk from Mittenwald to the Brenner Pass (25 - 29 August)

Pilgrim rendezvous at the  Skisprungschanze in Garmisch Partenkirchen where Werner Binnen from Germany hands the pilgrim staff over to Meinhard Egger from Austria

24 August: Spectacular scenery on the way from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Mittenwald

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