From the Brenner Pass to Rome

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We have followed the ancient Via Romea from Stade in Germany since 2 July. The distance we have covered from Trondheim in Norway (since 22 April), is respectable. It's encouraging to see photos of enthusiastic pilgrims continuing our relay with renewable energy. Now we're on our way toward Rome. We plan to reach the Eternal City 14 October after 47 stages (since the Brenner Pass). We are inspired by the credo of the European Cultural Routes:

May the faith which has inspired pilgrims throughout history, uniting them in a common aspiration and transcending national differences and interests, inspire us today, and young people in particular, to travel along these routes in order to build a society founded on tolerance, respect for others, freedom and solidarity.

The Via Romea Germanica and the Club Alpino Italiano are in charge of the relay from the Brenner Pass to Rome. You can follow the pilgrims' progress on these Facebook pages:

Pilgrims Crossing Borders on the Way to Rome

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