From Hamburg via Stade toward Rome

Sculpture of St.James in Jacobi Kirche in Hamburg.
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July 1: Our pilgrims have walked from Padborg to Hamburg. They are now being received in St Jacobi Kirche in Hamburg, a centre for pilgrim activities for many years.

Jacobi Kirche dates back to the 13th century. The artwork and unique organ of this church deserve attention, St. Jacobi Kirche is a treasure chest worth visiting:

During the Middle Ages the church was located outside the city walls, which was convenient for pilgrims who did not reach the city before its gates were closed at sunset. Those pilgrims could spend the night within the church, just like our pilgrims crossing borders.

There will be a ceremony to mark the arrival of the pilgrims in St Jacobi Kirche 1 – 2 July. The relay continues from Hamburg to the city of Stade  (40 km west of Hamburg)  on Thursday 2 July.

Stade is the starting point of the legendary Via Romea which will take us all the way to Rome. Dr Thomas Dahms will lead the way from Hamburg to Hornburg. Detailed information is available under "Itineraries" below.

Thanks again and Buen Camino, Pilgern :-)

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