Bishop Tor Singsaas joins

A big welcome to Bishop Tor Singsaas of Nidaros (Trondheim) and the pupils from Voll skole in Rennebu who joined our walk from Meslo toward Hæverstølen 27 April. Thanks, everyone!
You can see our photos and read our diary by clicking on the links to the right. Please scroll down to read the bishop's entry from 27 April.

Pupils from Voll skole joined  the Bishop of Nidaros (to the left with the pilgrim staff)
and Børge Dahle on the way to Hæverstølen

Bishop Tor Singsaas (and Olav) enjoys a well deserved rest at Hæverstølen after having walked 20 kilometers from Meslo. 

Vandringen Pilgrims Crossing Borders, som går fra Nidaros til Jerusalem, er i full gang 
(Kilde: bispedømme/Nyheter)

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