We are ready to begin

Nidaros Cathedral.
Photo by Carl-Erik Eriksson (c)
Our pilgrim relay begins in Trondheim on Wednesday the 22nd of April 2015. There will be a pilgrims' service in Nidaros Cathedral at 11:00 am to mark the occasion.

Tormod Tvete Vik's composition dedicated to our pilgrimage will be performed for the first time by The Trondheim Soloists and Schola Sanctae Sunnivae. The composition is inspired by hymns from the countries that vthe pilgrims will walk through: Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Palestine and Israel. This composition will also be played to celebrate the pilgrims' arrival in Rome and Jerusalem in October.

The bells of Nidaros Cathedral will toll to salute the departing pilgrims on their first lap. All are welcome to attend the pilgrims’ service at 11:00 am. The pilgrims' departure will take place right after the church service at 12 noon from “nullsteinen” by the west front of the cathedral.

Program for the pilgrims' church service Wednesday 22 April in Nidaros Cathedral:

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