We're On Our Way

L-R: Håkon Gullvåg presents the altarpiece to Einar and Stein.
Photo by Steinar Larsen
The first day of our pilgrim relay was a wonderful experience. The service of sending in Nidaros Cathedral was an extraordinary event - filled with music by The Trondheim Soloists and The Schola Sanctae Sunnivae, musicians who will accompany our walk in Rome and also in Jerusalem. We felt truly blessed and moved by the ceremony as well as the music.

The Norwegian painter Håkon Gullvåg – who has won recognition for his ecclesiastical commissions – donated a portable altarpiece to the pilgrimage (see photos). Pilgrim Pastor Einar Vegge will carry the middle section of the altarpiece on the first part of the pilgrimage.

Photos by Roger Jensen, Siv Smedseng, Stein Thue, Einar Vegge and Pilgrims Crossing Borders

L-R: Einar, Stein and Steinar

L-R: Einar. Lucina, Stein, Steinar and Giovanni

Wiebke, Einar, Stein, Christel, Steinar and Wolfgang

In the spotlight: Pilgrim Veteran Steinar Pettersen from Kiel

Håkon helps Einar

We are ready to go

Vigdis hands over the pilgrim staff to Einar

Priests with a Purpose

Wolfgang stepping out

Ready pilgrims oh the first stage toward Rome. Bodil from Denmark, Giovanni and Lucina from Italy plus Wiebke, Steinar, Wolfgang and Christel from Germany joined us, a bunch of  Norwegian pilgrims with high hopes and expectations.
Photo by Roger Jensen.
Giovanni is well equipped for Norway's climate

Lucina and Giovanni on their first stage on the way to Oslo. Bravo and brava Italia!

The first entries in our diary...

Løper i gang pilegrimsstafett fra Trondheim til Jerusalem (Artikkel Vårt Land 21 April 2015)

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